• Fully scalable connectivity solutions from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.
  • Reliable, resilient, uninterrupted Internet access.
  • 24/7 monitoring and support.
  • Flexible connectivity options of both Business Broadband 
  • Wireless or Fibre last mile to suite your business requirements. 

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Reasons to choose CipherSecure

With daily reports of Cyber-attacks, Ransomware and Data breaches across various organisations, assessing your company’s networks and digital environments is critical.
At CipherWave we have a Zero Trust Model – an approach we have used for our own business.. It begins with assessing your business eco-system, questioning who has access to your data, for what purpose do they require that access and the duration they require that access for? This eliminates granting blanket access to all users as is frequently the case. This way you select security solutions that are most relevant and fit for purpose.

Zero trust model used to assess your business needs

Cost effective tailored solutions

Remotely managed

Governance and compliance monitoring

Peace of mind

Firewall Security for Business

There is a rapid growing form of cybercrime and web security threats that makes firewalls one of the most vital components of any network. Taking into consideration the dangers posed by viruses, malware and unknown network trespassers, the protection of the corporate network becomes paramount.

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Fortigate Firewall

Fast, effective and widely deployable security and threat visibility tools for your virtual environment.

Suitable for any organisation size, budget or complexity

Facilitates faster and safer web browsing

Fully scalable, to protect your companies growing internet bandwidth

Clear, simple reporting

Real time monitoring of internet bandwidth usage

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Compliance and Governance Monitoring

We have Partnered with local Cyber Security company, Port443 and integrated into their platform allowing us to provide governance and compliance for all our customer firewalls as a value added service, at no additional cost.

Peace of Mind:

You can rest assured that the firewalls integrated into the Port443 platform are checked daily and weekly for security compliance against various frameworks including the National Institute for Security Technology (NIST) and Payment Card Industry (PCI). In addition, we will use the Vendor’s best practice configurations and provide compliance scores and remediation guidance.

This provides the customer with peace of mind that their security estate is continually hardened against incoming threats. This is becoming an increasingly necessary requirement to comply with Governance and Risk Standards.

ESET Anti Spam

Superior protection for your company’s data passing through the file server. Provides Antivirus, Antispyware and Data Access Protection.

Combines high detection speed, smooth performance, and stability to ensure a continuously high level of security

Low system demands allow for more memory and CPU power available for critical system tasks

Offers comprehensive security logs and system notifications

Allows optimal hardware performance

Neutralises sophisticated threats

Enables remote management

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Enterprise level spam filtering on incoming and outgoing email.
High-quality protection againt spam, virus, phishing, ransomware and malware attacks.

Immediate detection of new spam and malware outbreaks

Full control of your email flow

Improved employee productivity

Easy to use interface

High filter quality and efficiency

Full integration and automation

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