Never mind the convenience of a mobile app for booking and managing your flights: how great would it be to be able to do all that using WhatsApp?

The customer-centric and innovative team at FlySafair are committed to driving digitisation while remaining agile and relevant – all while maintaining their core values and, of course, having some fun at the same time.

The airline industry has had to adapt to challenges more than most in recent years, and has had to invest into an unknown future. Through a partnership with CipherWave, FlySafair has embraced cloud technology to improve a big chunk of its business operations, and its customers are benefiting.

This has not come without a complex set of processes and tools in the background. FlySafair CIO and managing executive Eswee Vorster and CipherWave CEO Wayne D’Sa share their experiences in this podcast on the airline’s journey to the cloud.

Vorster shares practical stories about his team’s resilient and innovative approach to technology and unpacks how the company’s infrastructure needs are constantly being analysed and enhanced.

D’Sa also demystifies some of the “scary” moments companies can face in their cloud journeys and how CipherWave helps mitigate against the risks that many organisations, including FlySafair, can face along the way.