Reasons to connect with CipherOnline

  • Fully scalable connectivity solutions from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.
  • Reliable, resilient, uninterrupted Internet access.
  • 24/7 monitoring and support.
  • Flexible connectivity options of both Business Broadband 
  • Wireless or Fibre last mile to suite your business requirements. 


Reasons to Communicate with CipherVoice

The move from traditional onsite PABX, to the adoption of VoiP services, Cloud PABX and a hybrid solution based on needs- is on the rise. With the infrastructure landscape constantly changing, there is a higher demand for integrated services and we offer you a more unified communication approach including integration with other digital technologies like Microsoft Teams Calling, driving better collaboration between systems to deliver a richer experience within your business.

Cost effective alternative to making traditional telephone calls.

Range of features to better manage your company communication requirements (call-recording, mobility, etc.).

Retention of your current business telephone number for a fuss-free switch.

Better control of your company telephone bill with our prepaid management system and itemised billing.

Highly competitive voice rates.

Greater communication efficiency between employees and customers.

Improved employee productivity.

Guaranteed toll voice quality calls for customers directly connected into our network.

Hosted PBX for Business

There is a rapid growing form of cybercrime and web security threats that makes firewalls one of the most vital components of any network. Taking into consideration the dangers posed by viruses, malware and unknown network trespassers, the protection of the corporate network becomes paramount.

Get Voice SolutionsGet Telephone Management Systems

Having to deal with the high cost and hassle of traditional telephony is a thing of the past.
CipherWave offers an all-inclusive, unified communications package to meet the demanding communication needs of growing businesses, and it’s easy to use.

Dual hosted PBX platforms

Cost effective alternative to housing an on premise PBX

Option to own or rent hardware

Retain your current business telephone number by porting seamlessly

Fully scalable solutions, with easy deployment

Highly competitive cost effective voice rates

Dual PortaOne Switch platform, configured in High Availability (ensure maximum uptime 99,99)

Direct Interconnects into all Telco Network Operators

Dynamic switching of traffic between the networks in the event of a direct interconnect outage between CipherWave and the Operator

Multiple International Voice Partner terminations (for international voice breakout)

Wide range of features to enhance customer experience call divert, pre-recorded cues,Standard or compliance based call recording, Telephone Management systems

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Telephone Management System

Central management and call accounting solution providing detailed insights and reporting on your communication usage, across your business.

Consolidated view of all telecommunications costs, usage and infrastructure

Accurately allocate costs to cost centres

Direct ROI, cost savings and recovery of costs

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MS Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams Calling is a cloud-based phone system that replaces your conventional telephony solution (PABX or switchboard) and integrates straight into your existing Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365 environment. That means calling, meetings and messaging – all in one place.

Microsoft Teams Voice Calls using Direct Routing enables you to make landline, mobile or international calls from your mobile or PC from anywhere in the world with a local outgoing number.

Works on All Devices.


Cloud Based.

Always On.

Easy to use.

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