At CipherWave, we understand that exceptional customer service is more than just polite interactions. It’s about providing a seamless experience, where we aspire to exceed the expectation of our clients from start to finish, driven by a team passionate about your success. Leading this charge is our Chief Operating Officer, Brenton Truter. With a deep understanding of implementation challenges and a commitment to client satisfaction, Brenton has instilled a culture of proactive support, clear concise feedback and communication, and access to expert assistance within our fulfilment, assurance and projects team.

Swift Activation & Deployment:

Brenton prioritizes getting you connected quickly. Under his leadership, our team has streamlined processes, ensuring Cloud solutions can be activated in as little as 10 business days, while Voice and Security solutions typically follow suit within the same timeframe (subject to stock availability). For connected buildings, expect your Connectivity solution to be operational within 60 business days.

Responsive Support, Every Step of the Way:

Our commitment to excellent service extends beyond activation. When you contact our support team, your ticket will be acknowledged within 15 minutes. We adhere to agreed-upon service level agreements (SLAs/MSAs) and keep you informed with regular updates throughout the process.

Clear Communication:

Our project team or coordinator acts as your dedicated partner, proactively updating you throughout the entire project lifecycle. We anticipate potential issues and ensure a smooth implementation, keeping you informed every step of the way. Brenton emphasizes the importance of clear communication, ensuring our team proactively addresses any concerns you may have.

Expert Assistance at Your Fingertips:

We understand that even with the best planning, unforeseen challenges may arise. Our tiered support structure ensures you have access to the right expert whenever needed. We have Level 1-4 engineers readily available, alongside support from OEM vendors and specialists when required. This ensures a simplified escalation process, connecting you with the most qualified professional to resolve any issue.

Extensive Knowledge & Resources:

Our team boasts a deep understanding of our core product offerings – Cloud, Voice, Security, and Connectivity. We have skilled engineers specializing in each area, and we leverage additional support from our valued OEM partners for comprehensive problem-solving.

At CipherWave, we go beyond simply offering products. We build partnerships focused on your success. Contact us today to experience the CipherWave difference!